Filchem Australia has an in-depth knowledge of the industries we serve and we have the ability to source products from some of the world's leading suppliers.


We are the exclusive Australian distributor of many of these products and we have developed very strong relationships with our many international principals. Filchem Australia has a strong team of technical professionals and our dedicated product and account managers will work closely with you to ensure that you have the right materials for your application at the right time.

Filchem Australia can assist you find the right product for your application and work with you to solve problems through provision of samples, analysis and laboratory services, case studies, technical and product data and material safety data sheets.



ON GUARD - Premium Poultry Industry Cleaning Concentrate

Uniquely designed to potentiate the TN500 beetle insecticide program. Specifically designed for the wash down of sheds, floors and equipment in the poultry industry.

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BACTERCIDE - Broad-spectrum Sanitiser

A broad-spectrum Sanitiser which has passed the stringent investigation procedure of the Australian National Registration Authority, and is approved for use as a veterinary chemical. Formulated to provide high level disinfection for floors, walls, benches, equipment and fittings in poultry sheds & hatcheries.

PYRAMINE - Disinfectant & Sanitiser Concentrate

Pyramine is an efficient, food-safe, disinfectant/sanitiser concentrate with a broad spectrum of use for post cleaning sanitisation. Specially recommended in areas where positive bacteria control is essential. Pyramine is formulated with a New Generation dual quaternary active ensuring more vigorous performance than regular quaternaries. This formulation provides an extra powerful performance with faster action and better degradability.

PYRAMINE BLUE - Agricultural Foot Bath & Vehicle Wheel Sanitiser

Agricultural Foot Bath & Vehicle Wheel Sanitiser. A broad-spectrum quaternary biocide. Formulated with a New Generation dual quaternary active ensuring more vigorous performance than regular quaternaries. Active on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, moulds, fungi and algae. Effective in very low concentrations.


The Blue colouration of PYRAMINE BLUE allows the product to be clearly seen when used in poultry applications to confirm its presence in foot baths and vehicle wheel sanitation. Pyramine Blue and its solutions are very stable and may be pre-diluted and stored for use when required. 

IODO-CIDE - Bio-degradable Foot Bath Sanitiser & General Sanitiser Applications

Bio-degradable Foot Bath Sanitiser also General Sanitiser Applications. Totally soluble. Suitable for poultry drinking water sanitation. Iodo-cide is a controlled releasing complex that has a multifaceted action as a disinfectant and deodorant. APVMA approved disinfectant, having passed European Standard EN 1656. Bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal. Colour Indicated: colour fades as iodine diminishes.

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ANTI-BACTERIAL GEL - Hand Sanitiser Gel

Pump Bottle. Formulated to provide gentle, advanced bacteriological protection for the hands. Kills germs and bacteria quickly and effectively. Easy to use - no water – no residue – no wiping - dries completely in seconds - moisturises with glycerine and Vitamin E. Wall Mounting Bracket available for attachment.

NUTRA GEL - Hand and Skin Cleanser

A gentle hand and skin cleanser designed for the cleaning and conditioning of all skin types.  A natural replacement for detergent based hand cleansers and bath soap.

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TN500 - Naturally based Insecticide, Repellent, Detergent, Deodoriser & Environmental Control Agent

APVMA Approval Number: 70464/63489. Naturally based Insecticide, Repellent, Detergent, Deodoriser and Environmental Control Agent. Biodegradable & non-hazardous at recommended dilutions. No immunity or occurring resistance and therefore no requirement to alternate the use of insecticides. A more effective insecticide replacement for the current Schedule 5 & 6 Poisons.

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DIAFIL® 610 - Inert Dust Insecticide: Safe, Effective Non-Toxic Insecticide

DiaFil® 610 is an inert dust insecticide for the control of pests in stored grain for stock feed or food processing manufacturers.

DiaFil® 610 is a Diatomaceous Earth (DE) product. DE is the skeletal remains of algae, a natural silicon dioxide based product with excellent abrasive and absorptive qualities. This APVMA approved product is a chemical free pesticide and can be applied in a number of ways. DiaFil® 610 is also a resistance free method of pest control and is a safe, natural product with no added chemicals.

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