Hand & Skin Cleanser - "NUTRA GEL"

A gentle hand and skin cleanser designed for the cleaning and conditioning of all skin types.  A natural replacement for detergent based hand cleansers and bath soap.


EMOLIENT RICH - Natural emollients maintain correct moisture balance of skin - leaves skin conditioned and supple.

​VITAMIN E - Strengthens and revitalises skin cell tissue. Provides natural soothing and healing effects.

GENTLE CLEANING POWER - NUTRA GEL whether used as a shower or hand gel gently penetrates oily, perspiration or grimy soils and floats them away, leaving skin clean, conditioned and refreshed.

EFFICIENT DISPENSING - NUTRA GEL can be dispensed in hospital and institution areas using a cage “hands free” dispenser.

INSTITUTIONAL USE - NUTRA GEL is extensively used as a hand cleaning gel in both public and private Health facilities.


Hand washing – Work thoroughly into wet hands and rinse clean.

Shower Gel – For best results apply to a washer before applying to skin.