TN500 - Organically based Insecticide, Repellent, Detergent, Deodoriser & Environmental Control Agent

APVMA Approval Number: 70464/63489. Organically based Insecticide, Repellent, Detergent, Deodoriser and Environmental Control Agent. Biodegradable & Non-hazardous. No immunity or occurring resistance and therefore no requirement to alternate the use of insecticides. A more effective insecticide replacement for the current Schedule 5 & 6 Poisons.

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CELITE® 610 - Mechanical Insecticide

CELITE® 610 Mechanical Insecticide has been proven effective against the most problematic insect pests such as cockroaches, ants, beetles, bedbugs, and other crawling insects.

DIAFIL® 610 - Inert Dust Insecticide: Safe, Effective Non-Toxic Insecticide

DiaFil® 610 is an inert dust insecticide for the control of pests in stored grain for stock feed or food processing manufacturers.

DiaFil® 610 is a Diatomaceous Earth (DE) product. DE is the skeletal remains of algae, a natural silicon dioxide based product with excellent abrasive and absorptive qualities. This APVMA approved product is a chemical free pesticide and can be applied in a number of ways. DiaFil® 610 is also a resistance free method of pest control and is a safe, natural product with no added chemicals.

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