Diafil® 610

DiaFil® 610 is an inert dust insecticide for the control of pests in stored grain for stock feed or food processing manufacturers.

DiaFil® 610 is a Diatomaceous Earth (DE) product. DE is the skeletal remains of algae, a natural silicon dioxide based product with excellent abrasive and absorptive qualities. With an average particle size of 10um, DE works by absorbing the oily/waxy coating from the exoskeleton of pests and also by abrading their exoskeletons and absorbing moisture from inside them, causing them to dehydrate.

This APVMA approved product is a chemical free pesticide and can be applied in a number of ways. DiaFil® 610 is also a resistance free method of pest control and is a safe, natural product with no added chemicals.

The key features of the product are:

  • APVMA Registration 64646/48843

  • Highly pure diatomaceous earth, inert carrier and organic chemical and additive free

  • <0.1% respirable crystalline silica

  • For dry dust or wet spray (slurry) application in silos, food processing and warehousing facilities, and farm/grain handling machinery

  • Suitable for organic farms and products as no added chemicals and no with-holding period

  • Resistance-free pesticide – kills pests by physical means

  • Food Chemicals Codex approved

  • Easily applied either as a dry powder or mixed as slurry and sprayed inside storage silos

  • Can also be used around food manufacturing machinery and equipment to control pests on site

  • Supplied in 25kg bags, dose rates of 1kg/tonne dry grain or up to 6g/m2 in slurry/spray


DE has a long history of effective use as a pest and insect control agent in stored grain, but note that export grain is not to be treated with DE and Australian Milling companies generally do not accept DE treated grains.


DiaFil® 610 is a safe, inexpensive and effective pest control method.