Bactercide is a broad spectrum disinfectant for the Poultry and Livestock Industries.

Formulated to provide high level disinfection for floors, walls, benches, equipment and fittings in hatcheries, sheds, stables, piggeries, dairies, yards, or anywhere that animals are treated or handled. Description - a clear pale non-viscous liquid with a slight musky odour

DESCRIPTION:  A clear pale non-viscous liquid with a slight musky odour.


Assured viability

Bactercide has passed the stringent investigation procedure of the Australian National Registration Authority, and is approved for use as a veterinary chemical in all area states.

Broad range disinfectant

Bactercide is effective over a wide range of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses and spores.

Safe for all surfaces

Bactercide can be used on all plastic, rubber and stainless steel appliances. When used as directed Bactercide will not cause corrosion on copper, brass, zinc, tin, steel or stainless steel.

Animal safe

No withholding period. Animals can be returned to treated areas as soon as Bactercide is absorbed or dry.


Stabilised formula

Bactercide is buffered and stabilised at pH 6.0. Bactercide has a long shelf life and maintains it’s viable disinfectant power for longer than normal glutaraldehyde solutions.



Bactercide is provided as a concentrate and should be diluted 1:100 parts with water for most usage purposes. Bactercide will maintain its stability and potency for 7 days after dilution.




Remove all portable equipment, litter and manure. Thoroughly clean all surfaces before sanitising. Ensure that contact is made with all surfaces that require disinfection. Diluted product may be applied to surfaces by foaming, pressure spraying, washing, recirculation or immersion. Allow product to dry or absorb before returning animals to treated areas. Bactercide will remain active on contact surfaces for 5 - 7 days.